Davide Bongiorno

Degree in Medicine and Surgery at University of Milan 1989; Post-graduate course on General Surgery at the University of Milan 1994; Degree in Osteopathy at C.E.R.D.O. (Centre pour l’etudes , la recherché et la diffusion in osteopathie-Rome) in 2002; Tutor for the S.I.U.M.B. National Course on Ultrasonography until 2000;

Lecture and speaker of many postgraduate courses and congress on_ultrasound evaluation and diagnosis in Italy (S.I.U.M.B National Congress; S. Matteo Hospital, Pavia; S. Raffaele - Ville Turro – Hospital, Milan) and North Africa (M.A.S.U. – Mediterranean and African Society of Ultrasound).

Until 2002 he developed and began promoter of the ultrasonographic dynamic evaluation in visceral and fascial osteopathic field. This method named F.U.S.A.E. (Fascial_motion UltraSonographic Anatomic Evaluation) has begun to be a well-known method in didactical and scientific background in different countries and in many Osteopathic Congress.

Actually he has an effective collaborative fellowship with some osteopathic school in Italy (C.R.O.M.O.N.-Rome, C.S.O.T.-Rome, S.O.M.A.-Milan, C.I.O.-Bologna) for educational program in anatomic approach and evaluation with real-time correlation by ultrasonographic imaging.


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